Troll or Moron: You Decide

  1. Profile photo of Theseus, son of Poseidon

    She’s the GOAT he’s a moronic troll

  2. Profile photo of Chris Waters
    Chris Waters 1 year ago

    Gotta be a troll. Nobody is that stupid

  3. Profile photo of Brooke Mulder
    Brooke Mulder 1 year ago

    Troll for sure. Nobody is that stupid.

  4. Profile photo of Trent
    Trent 1 year ago

    Troll this guy can’t believe this

  5. Profile photo of John Cook
    John Cook 1 year ago

    Definitely a moron trying to be a troll

  6. Profile photo of Griffin Glover
    Griffin Glover 1 year ago

    Troll for sure.

  7. Profile photo of Tyler santos
    Tyler santos 1 year ago

    Nobody can possibly be that stupid. Definitly a troll

  8. Profile photo of Zach Keller
    Zach Keller 1 year ago


  9. Profile photo of GENOfromRENO
    GENOfromRENO 1 year ago

    Troll AND moron

  10. Profile photo of MGray320
    MGray320 1 year ago

    I say gay… Who watches women’s tennis?

  11. Profile photo of Motta
    Motta 1 year ago


  12. Profile photo of fool
    fool 1 year ago

    fuckwit. no category for troll or moron.
    her 7th wimbledon and 22nd singles major isnt enough??

  13. Profile photo of Thomas Silvestri
    Thomas Silvestri 1 year ago

    He’s a moron

  14. Profile photo of Pete Andrews
    Pete Andrews 1 year ago

    Moron x100

  15. Profile photo of Nate Dawg
    Nate Dawg 1 year ago

    Serena has now won 22 Grand Slams. And Maria Sharapova hasn’t beaten her in several years. Definitely moron.

  16. Profile photo of Nate Kelly
    Nate Kelly 1 year ago

    Not a troll. Not a moron. But definitely a Cheddar Dick

  17. Profile photo of Black Marlins Man
    Black Marlins Man 1 year ago

    A racist

  18. Profile photo of Adam Jefferis
    Adam Jefferis 1 year ago

    He’s an old racist white dude who clearly believes this whole heartedly, making him a moron.

  19. Profile photo of Ryan Wright
    Ryan Wright 1 year ago


  20. Profile photo of Jacen Call
    Jacen Call 1 year ago

    This man is a definition of a troll, not only could Serena kick his ass. But this geizer looks like he’s taking it up the ass mid photo in his profile picture. Complete troll no doubt

  21. Profile photo of Kwilzz
    Kwilzz 1 year ago

    Dudes a racist moron

  22. Profile photo of Neighbor Dan
    Neighbor Dan 1 year ago

    @samuel-oakley .. sorry to offend you.. glad there are still some tennis fans out there.

  23. Profile photo of OG Hooliganball
    OG Hooliganball 1 year ago

    Old white racist is my guess, so he is clearly a moron.

    @tsippel Watch your mouth dickhead

  24. Profile photo of Angry JJ Watt
    Angry JJ Watt 1 year ago

    100% troll. Because nobody could be dumb enough to say that she isn’t great. Unless they are just super racist… In that case Tiger Woods sucked too.

  25. Profile photo of Neighbor Dan
    Neighbor Dan 1 year ago

    troll. who gives a shit about tennis?

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