The Shitty Johnny Manziel Song from Today’s Podcast

  1. Profile photo of Chris Cobley
    Chris Cobley 12 months ago

    Manziel legitametly might not know what the word sober means

  2. Profile photo of Matty Forest
    Matty Forest 12 months ago

    “Johnny Maiziel will be bigger then LeBron ever was in the city of Cleveland”

  3. Profile photo of Black Marlins Man
    Black Marlins Man 12 months ago

    Sounds like a trash ass G Eazy song. No wonder Andy likes it.

  4. Profile photo of RG From Houston
    RG From Houston 12 months ago

    Houston regrets not taking Johnny Manziel as much as Johnny Manziel regrets doing all of those drugs. As in, not at all.

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