The Deeper Meaning of Thust the Process

Thust the Process…It all started as just another Rutherism. Mid-podcast recording I tried to change my dry erase board from “Trust the Process” to “Thrust the Process” based on a DirtBall call. As usual I completely botched the spelling, forgot the “r” in “thrust” and “Thust the Process” was born. But the meaning behind my comical and pathetic error goes much deeper than that.

“Thust the Process” embodies everything about the Dirty Sports Podcast. It was a Rutherim which Praino destroyed me for, and as usual the DirtBall Fam embraced this ridiculous new term. As I write this blog the process is thusting…and it’s thusting hard! When I started Dirty Sports with Joe Praino back in January 2014 I envisioned a sports comedy show that had never been done before. A show that not only embodies comedy, witty banter, and absurd impersonations, but a show that also delivers honest and passionate sports commentary. As a huge fan of Howard Stern I also wanted to implement fan interactions and create characters within the show, just as Howard did for so many years with his “Whack Packers” and cast of other ridiculous personalities.

Over 3 years later I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. I’m proud to work with Joe Praino – the most talented, creative, funny, and introspective co-host. I’m also proud to have a rotating set of unique recurring guests like Matty Goldberg and Yoshi, who’s personalities, sports takes, and comedy brings a completely diverse and hilarious element to the show. And of course I’m proud of the DirtBalls, the very reason the show exists. A fan base that has adopted such catch phrases as “yo fool,” “turn down for never,” “kill yourself,” and “cheddar dick.” The turnt level of the DirtBall is unmatched and the hodgepodge mix of age, race, and gender makes the DirtBall Fam a fan base unlike any other.

But the reason I’m writing this blog is because I sense the tide turning within the show. I see a bright future for Dirty Sports and the DirtBall Fam. I KNOW we’re on the brink of something big. The time is right and the time is now. ESPN is imploding from within and the blood is in the water. It’s time for Dirty Sports to attack and seize our opportunity to claim the crown as the most non-filtered, un-apologizing show in the sports world. I feel it, I sense it, and and that’s why I care so much about thusting the process. It’s why I’m a goddam lunatic and asshole times, because I want the very best from this show. We’re small potatoes now, but our independence is also a weapon we can utilize as our strength. To put it bluntly: We don’t owe shit to anyone. We’re not owned by a larger corporation or connected to a massive podcast network. We’re a show that records from a studio apartment in Venice Beach, California, in a place called the Smut Shack.

DirtBalls, the time is here, and the time is now. Let’s take the sports world by storm. And remember every little act you do is thusting the process. Every-time you go after a SJW on twitter, leave an iTunes review, use our promo codes, make a phone call to the hotline, or tell a friend about the show, you’re thusting the process. And every-time I do some crazy shit like troll you, lose my mind on Matty Goldberg, or book a certain guest, just know there’s a method to my mayhem…it’s all part of the thusting.

So thust away my DirtBalls, thust away, because the Dirty Sports take over is happening. And in our world there’s no room for cheddar dicks or grown men who bring baseball gloves to MLB games. So make me proud, and thust the process.

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  1. Profile photo of DayDrinker Daily
    DayDrinker Daily 3 months ago

    Nice post Ruther, well thought out and nearly error free….wouldn’t have it any other way. In all seriousness, I’ve been listening for years now (back to the days of whacking it to Maria) and I love that you 2 retards are still putting out new and funny shit. I know you especially put a lot of work into the show and the thusting of it and it shows. Hoping you get your due reward someday but never lose that non-filtered dirtball charm. Keep up the good work Dent

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