Tebow’s stat-line from yesterday: 0-3, 3 groundouts, 1 human resurrection

The Arizona Fall League kicked off yesterday as Tim Tebow made his debut for the Scottsdale Scorpions.  He grounded out in all of his plate appearances, going 0-3.  In the 5th inning, Tebow slammed into the outfield wall. Montejo beer getting the free publicity.  Tebow endorsing alcohol? On a Tuesday evening?  Just became a huge Tebow guy.  Excuse me while I tuck my Tebowner into my waistband real quick.


Tebow is a man of the God and a man of the people.  After the game, he was signing autographs for the fans when a man started to have a seizure.  Timmy T stayed with the man and prayed over him and later had a discussion with him while waiting on the paramedics.  The team bus had arrived and was waiting on him to leave.  As he left the man, Tebow told him he would check in with him later and gave him a “God bless you buddy.”


Alright, I know religion can rub people the wrong way.  I’m not going to talk about religion.  But, how can you not be a fan of Tim Tebow?  The whole “he shoves religion down people’s throat!” argument is B.S.  The man is firm in what he believes in and seems like the most genuine human on earth.  How do you play QB at Florida and leave school a virgin?  Is he a saint??? I mean the dude just saved a man’s life casually after he nearly exploded his face on the outfield wall.  All I’m saying, is how can people not like this guy when there are shit heads like Jay Cutler still playing (kind of) QB in the NFL.  I will never understand how this guy’s NFL career ended so fast.  Yes, his throwing motion sucks.  Yes, he is a huge media distraction.  He was 8-6 in his 14 games as a starter, and threw for 17 TDs and 9 interceptions.

Another NFL flash in the pan- Vince Young.  30-17 with the Titans.  2 playoff appearances in 5 years.  And then he got fat.



And remember the dude Timmy T prayed over on that airplane in June?  Not going to say he saved the man’s life, but look at that face.  Look into those eyes.  TELL ME THOSE EYES DONT SAVE LIES.  Am I wrong? Probably.  Is my Tebowner draining all the blood from my brain? Most likely.


Lets get Praino a Tebow jersey and get him on the podcast.  HAS TO HAPPEN.  #TebowPrayno2016 (See what I did with Praino–>Prayno like praying ha).



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