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The Browns keep on browning.  Charlie Whitehorse, Terrelle Pryor, Cody Kessler.  All 3 of those human beings took a snap in the same game for the same team.  At an actual professional sporting event.  I’m not going to beat a dead horse, but come on Cleveland.  You’re 0-5, it’s time to make like Mark Cuban and tank it (Shark Tank, great show with valuable financial lessons and witty banter aha!).  Give the people what they want.


EFFICIENCY! QB debate in Cleveland?? Also confused on the difference between QBR and RTG….they seem to relate inversely which is confusing.



Speaking of QB debates, I pray Jerry Jones benches Dak for Romo just so I can see Cowboys burst with delusional outrage.  “DAK REMINDS ME OF STEVE MCNAIR!” – something my Dallas friends would say.  I’ve always believed you can’t lose your starting job because of an injury.  But, if that were the case Tom Brady would never have taken over for Bledsoe.  Dak is going to be good and is the future of the Cowboys, but if you think he is better than Romo you’re high.



QB debate of the century right here. Derek Carr…….. or a genetic being made from the DNA of Joe Montana and Randall Cunningham.  This is a tough one for me.  Joe and Randall’s genetic offspring would be a nightmare for defenses.  But it is too risky of an experiment and I’m not going to sit around for 20 years to wait and see if this science project turns into an NFL legend or lead background dancer for Beyonce in 2036.  Also… is Beyonce going to be hot in 2036? I can’t wait to find out.

Seriously though, Derek Carr is MVP right now. Raiders are so good.  Cooper and Crabtree need to stop before they seriously hurt someone.  Ankles being broken left and right, no DB’s are safe.  Sure the Chargers did what the Chargers do and kind of completely self imploded.  But yooooo, DC is on pace for a crazy good season.  Like Aaron Rodgers type numbers.






Rangers got swept and I am the smartest man on earth.  I told you all, the Rangers traded some of their best prospects for the likes of Jonathon Lucroy (free agent now) and Carlos friggin Beltran. The Rangers will win a playoff series when The Bernie Mac Show comes back for a new season. Rest in peace Bernie, we all love you.  I’m not making fun of you, just honoring your name by shaming the single most disgusting franchise in the MLB.  Meanwhile my Astros are sitting patiently, waiting to add some quality free agents to most talented and youthful group of players in the MLB.  RANGERS FANS ARE SO STOKED FOR THE STARS SEASON I BET!



I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We got hit pretty good Friday and Saturday by Hurricane Matthew.  While we got lucky and only lost power for a couple days, over 40,000 people still don’t have power and last I heard 11 NC natives lost their lives, and the total death toll nationwide is 21.  My alma mater, East Carolina, has shut down school all week due to the tar river flooding.  While many of us just stayed inside and drank beer during the storm, several people were affected and are still in need of help.  For anyone who wants to help, here is a link .  What is the point of #DirtBallFam if we can’t help out our fellow Americans in time of need.  Thanks everybody.



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