PCU Was Ahead of its Time

Written by Matty Goldberg

Edited by Joe Praino

Late at night, stoned and scrolling through the fifty movie channels I have, I stumbled upon the 1994 nearly straight-to-video cult classic PCU. I’d seen it a few times but never paid much attention to it because it always just seemed to be the vapid tale of a bunch of college kids who want to get drunk, laid and start trouble. But as I was watching it in 2017, I realized that the movie was absolutely genius in predicting the future of today’s PC Culture.

If you can get through Jon Favreau’s obvious stoner character and a balding Jeremy Piven pretending to be a college student at the age of forty-five, the movie perfectly predicts our current hyper-politically correct times. Like George Orwell’s 1984, PCU is a piece of art that needs to be studied, analyzed and preserved. I don’t think the writers or directors even knew what they would be making when they filmed it.

The premise of the movie is some Poopsock-doppelgänger pipsqueak goes to visit a college in Connecticut to see if he wants to enroll. Where somehow he gets paired up with the so-called “bad-asses” of the campus led by Mr. Piven. And from there the madness ensues when every group in college wants their heads for not being politically correct. There is the feminists, the “meat-is-murder” people, the black student union and an evil dean who wants to change the school mascot’s name from Indians to something completely benign. The various groups are all so over the top in their demands that they’re portrayed as whining nutjobs looking for attention and being offended to get attention.

All this is why the movie is so fascinating for 2017. This college represents a small society where the PC groups have all the power, and as a student you must abide by it or be chased & terminated. Keep in mind this was made in 1994. The world that they created at this college is now the status-quo for 2017.

In the movie, the anti-heroes are Piven’s crew, who are above the PC bullshit and just want to have a crazy college experience. They ultimately prevail and throw a giant bash where they convince some of the PC sheep to get off of their soapbox and enjoy themselves.

If I watched this movie in 1994, I would think there is no way our society would be so PC. That this is just a caricature of one over-the-top liberal school that the writer probably attended. This can’t really be the future can it?

But sadly it is.  We live in a world terrified to speak our mind or make a joke out of fear that a certain group will find it offensive and then go on a mission to destroy our life.

My solution… hold a screening of PCU at UC Berkeley, and then have a Q & A hosted by Poopsock.

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  1. Profile photo of Mitch
    Mitch 3 months ago

    Does poopsock know what a Q & A even is?

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