Matty Mush’s NBA Finals Prediction

Written By: Matty Goldberg

If I predict the Cleveland Cavilers to defeat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Championship and it doesn’t happen, I am surely responsible. It’s just Matty Mush once again doing his mushy things to help the Bay Area get their second title in three years. It has nothing to do with Golden State’s loaded team which now includes Kevin Durant. Fortunately, I am positive that LeBron James is mush proof…and will lead his Cavs to another ring.

Here are my five reasons…

  1. LeBron GOAT James.

Fans are often fooled by LeBron’s regular season numbers and might even be fooled by Cleveland’s regular season record.  If he wanted to, LeBron could have a triple double every regular season game. But what he is ultimately judged on is the postseason and championships. He knows exactly how hard to go in the regular season to be completely ready come playoff time. He is still the best player on the court and aside from one playoff game, when he might have been sick, he has been cutthroat and dominant.

2. The Warriors are the 2012 Miami Heat.

Remember when LeBron came to Miami and they danced and put their fingers up on how many rings they would get? With James, Bosh and Wade it seemed that every year they would have a title gift wrapped to them. But their first year together, there was some chemistry issues. They had more talent than the champion Mavericks. But Dallas was a better team because everyone knew their roles. It seemed as if Miami wasn’t sure who was supposed to be the #1 option. The Warriors seem to also have that dilemma of who is the #1 guy. It seems Steph and Klay have done everything to make Durant the #1 option. They have turned down open shots and haven’t been as aggressive in the past. And while their regular season record is great, they were just as good when Durant was injured.

3. The Warriors have yet to be truly battle-tested.

It’s not their fault that their road to the playoffs has been a breeze. That the only team that had a chance to give them a competitive series was a San Antonio Spurs team that was beating them by 22 in Game 1 when Kawhi Leonard got “stepped on” and was lost for the series. Playing against LeBron and company is going to be a major step up from their playoff competition so far.

4. This is the Cavaliers best team.

LeBron has taken some stiffs to the final. This year he has a loaded team with a healthy Kevin Love who is playing his best ball in years and Kyrie Irving who got red hot, if only for a few quarters, during the Celtics series. He also has a solid bench with late season pick-ups like Deron Williams and Kyle Korver. I’m predicting one of these guys has a huge game where they score 10-15 points in a quarter and steal a game.

5. Its great odds.

The beauty of gambling is you can make a little extra dough betting on the underdog. And the Cavs are getting great underdog odds. On right now if you bet 50 on the Cavs, you win 107 on top of that. You make the same bet for Golden State, you only win 18. My Matty Mush big play is take the Cavs to win the series and get yourself a Franklin.


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