Matt Harvey: The Mets Dark Knight

Written: By Matty Goldberg

Edited by: Joe Praono

The 2008 movie The Dark Knight was one of the first superhero flicks to make the main character flawed. Bruce Wayne was exposed as a city starlight who cared more about hosting killer parties and picking up dames than saving Gotham City from the Joker. It was refreshing take on a genre that for too long portrayed it’s heroes as unrealistically good & pure.

Sometimes life imitates art. And sometimes sports imitates art. Who knew right after this movie was made that Gotham would get their own Dark Knight? Like Bruce Wayne he was a good looking local kid who had all the tools given to him that he needed to succeed in life, but instead of using those tools to rid the city of evil he was poised to rid it of batters. If fighting crime was the equivalent to striking guys out, Matt Harvey was playing the role perfectly.

For two seasons it looked as if the charismatic Harvey was living that good Bruce Wayne life. He was winning games during the early evening before partying hard at late at night. Harvey was seen at the best clubs and with the hottest models. He seemed to have the most charmed life anyone could have. He seemed to be having so much fun that it made some wonder which part of his evenings he cared about more, the baseball or the partying. Yet he was still winning.

And just like in the movie where the Joker exposes Bruce Wayne, now it’s Matt Harvey’s turn to be exposed. The Joker now comes in the form of a pint-sized wide receiver who made a lucky catch in the Super Bowl. Patriots slot-man Julian Edelman has been seen with Harvey’s ex girlfriend, Adrian Lima, and it has seemingly sent Harvey on a bender. Instead of getting hitters out, Harvey abandoned his teammates to play golf, party all night, allegedly plant sex toys on his teammates and eventually just disappear.

If this was a movie it would be 75 minutes in where everything falls apart. Harvey is somewhere in a bunker, drowning his sorrows on booze and internet porn. There is time for Harvey to redeem himself and be the super hero he was supposed to be. And certainly all of Gotham would love to see Edelman destroyed and Lima back in the hands of Harvey.

We shall soon see how this movie or season pans out and if there is a happy ending. Will the Dark Knight rise and once again stand above Gotham? Or does this particular comic book tale end with the villain winning and it’s hero being traded to Milwaukee?


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