Las Vegas Raiders

Here is my ball busting take on the Las Vegas Raiders.  SOOO supposedly Mark Davis bought the domain name “” in 1998 on Christmas Day.  Let the conspiracy theories begin.  While I am pissed the Raiders are leaving the city that is their entire identity, the Coliseum is a dump and I am tired of playing on dirt for 4/5 games a year.  That proposed stadium in Vegas is amazing and if the Raiders were to move anywhere outside the state of California, what better place than Las Vegas?  San Antonio would have sucked with all the Spurs/Cowboys fans stuffing themselves into the Alamo Dome with their Tim Duncan jerseys on. SIDENOTE: Spurs fans are top most despicable fanbases on earth.  Portland would have been an absolute joke.  So much of a joke, that I have no joke to insert to that scenario.

 Rest in peace Black Hole.  Time to win some Super Bowl Rings for the most dedicated fan base in the world.

On the bright side tickets to Vegas are dirt cheap.  STRIPPERS, CUH-CANE, BLACKJACK, AND DEREK CARR DIMES BABY.  Spring Break is now from the months of August-January.






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