How Matty Goldberg Profited From White Guilt

Written By Matty Goldberg (Edited & Posted by Andy Ruther since Matty doesn’t know how websites work)

As social media went insane over the Oscar flub for best picture on Sunday, there seemed to be another recurring trend on my twitter feed. There was plethora of ‘Moonlight’ winning tickets posted all over my feeds from degenerate gamblers. They knew a major upset was brewing, and for once they beat the bookies on this one. The funniest thing about this is that I can guarantee that no one who won this bet had seen ‘Moonlight,’ or even the more mainstream, ‘LaLaLand,’ for that matter. 

While I didn’t throw a lot on ‘Moonlight,’ I did make a few that night. It was a conversation I had with another degenerate that I talked myself into the bet. And that’s what gamblers do. Look for some strange angle that will give them a bizarre edge.

When betting on college football, I would love to do know if the quarterback I’m betting against caught his girlfriend with some other dude the night before the game. I’d be pretty excited and feel like I have a winning bet. Unfortunately, I’m not privy to this info. But knowing the scenario for best picture, it was perfect for most smart gamblers to lay a few on ‘Moonlight.’

When coming up with our decision on what movie to pick, there was only two realistic choices. ‘LaLaLand’ was such a strong favorite, that the odds weren’t even worth to bet. You had to bet 200 just to win 100. But Moonlight had the perfect six to one odds. I got on the phone.

“With the PC society we live in, with Trump, and all the bad press the Oscars took last year for being racist, can you imagine the outrage if ‘LaLaland’ wins?” I said to my buddy, “Can you imagine the hundreds of think pieces that will come out Monday morning? No way the Oscar committee wants to deal with that.”

And that’s all it took. It was time to put my money on ‘Moonlight.’ 

Like everyone watching live, I wasn’t shocked to see ‘LaLaLand’ won. I just assumed the experts were right, and my silly bet didn’t work out. I turned the tv off, thinking I had lost. But then I went to my Mybookie account and realized my account got higher. I checked why, and it said I won the ‘Moonlight’ bet. I was completely incredulous.

With that said, I am looking forward to watching both movies, especially ‘Moonlight.’ Looks like an intense story of one’s journey. I just hope for some of these gamblers that cleaned up on it, will give it a chance as well. I seriously doubt that.


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