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    LeBron is just absolutely pissing on the raptors, as many expected. The warriors are pissing on the jazz, poor jazz. The Spurs and Rockets might tire each other out, and the same will most likely happen with the Celtics and Wizards. All of that being said, it is really shaping up to be another Warriors v Cavs finals. Whoever wins is a toss up for me, because Praino has gotten through to me, and I am an absolute Lebron fanboy, and the Warriors are still just unbelievably efficient. Moving forward though, is there another team that can win a title in the following 2-3 seasons? There are teams with awesome young talent, like the timberwolves and the bucks, but I’m not sure if this time span is enough for them to develop, it might be one or two seasons short of that. Is this enough time for LeBron to finally slow down? Will the east open up? Will the Knicks ever be good (fuck, probably not…..fuck)? Will the Warriors still have this team? Will the Spurs factory ever slow down? There are all of these questions and more when it comes to the future of the NBA. Anyway, I was sitting here thinking about all of this stuff, and just wondering what yu guys think?
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    In 2-3 seasons I think in the west, best bet would be Rockets to go to the finals if the Warriors team loses even more guys this offseason. I love what Mike Antoni (no “D”efense) did with the roster having Harden running the point and filling the roster with deadeye shooters and a great role playing center in Clint Capela. If Harden can do what he does during the regular season in the playoffs, I can see them giving Golden State a run for their money for sure. The Spurs are always going to be a contender, but with their aging roster and unbelievable let downs from Aldridge in the playoffs, depending on what they can get in the offseason (Chris Paul would help) I really don’t see them being able to get past both Houston AND the Warriors.

    Now in the east it’s a crap shoot. Cavs will remain extremely dominant in these next 2-3 seasons. Barring any insane free agent signings (Like a Jimmy Butler or Paul George to the Celtics), the only teams I can see possibly are the Celtics, with the #1 pick this year and the Nets pick again next year, an already solid roster could fill the holes they have, a legit #2 guy to go with Isaiah Thomas (Given they don’t drop him in hopes to keep the young core to survive past Lebron). The other team I can see would be the Wizards. John Wall is a great point guard and Bradley Beal really stepped his game this past season and with them going to be 27 and 24 years old next season they will be in their prime these coming seasons. Otto Porter also became a respectable player this last season and if they can get him to stay (Nets have shown interest in giving him a max contract), that would help long term given he is only 23 now.

    With the Bucks and Wolves, they are definitely going to be after this 2-3 year time period. The Wolves upside is incredible but will they be able to keep all this young talent together long enough to make runs, only time will tell.

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