Golden State Warriors

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    @alexdodd yea I don’t think it’s even close even if he continued his play in the playoffs.. The team he’s on makes everything easier for him.. I can’t knock him for the team he’s on, I just don’t think he’d be that same type of player if him and Lebron switched teams or him and KD switched teams.. He def deserved MVP last year but all the VALUE is taken out of MVP nowadays.. It’s about the most exciting player.. Those big time shooting numbers are the reason he won it, it was exciting to watch.. If it was truley about value Lebron would be MVP every single year

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    @alexdodd but where KD goes I follow, that’s my guy, I’m gonna have to root for curry somewhat now.. But as long as Durant gets his ring it’s whatever

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    Steph also gets a lot of steals and rebounds.

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    @jesse-stanga yea a lot of quick PGs get steals but he’s not a good defender, I think rebounds are kind of a weird stat for him too because he does have good Reb numbers for a Pg but he’s not a guy that just goes up and gets it.. GS isn’t a great rebounding team so a lot of them kinda fall to him

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    @jesse-stanga which brings me back to my original point that the team he’s on helps his numbers.. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good ball player he’s a great shooter, but I’m just not sold on him as an all around great player

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    They will win at least 4 championships

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    I know that it’s not “good” for the league and it makes them the “Villian” but can anyone else gonna realize how fun it’s gonna be to watch this team?

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    Bold prediction: I don’t think this works out like everyone says it will, remember when Lamarcus Aldridge went to the Spurs and everyone had them easily winning the championship? And they looked pretty mediocre against the Thunder. Obviously KD is so much better than Aldridge, but I think for whatever reason that the Warriors will not win the Championship this year

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    Really? They just did….. #NotAHotTakeFromYou

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