Breaking down the Andy Ruther rant.

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    Episode 306 Andy Ruther vs Matty Goldberg

    Spoilers if you haven’t listened yet.

    Ruther blows a gasket when Matty shows up 10 mins late, sounds like a normal episode with Matty right? Where Ruther complains and gets over it. This time it’s different because Matty comes in with Tug Coker (probably spelled the name wrong, my apologies) and Tug drove Matty to the smut shack. Here is where it gets funny because Matty showed up a hour late to the pre March Madness episode and Ruther got mad and it blew over easily. If Tug was not there, Ruther would not have gotten that upset because Tug is Ruther’s connection to the future of Dirty Sports and wanted to show Tug that he is taking the show serious and wants to take it to the next level. Ruther has been clearly upset as of late that D.S is not moving at the rate he had hoped to by now. When Ruther sees Tug he definitely gets frustrated/jealous of the success he is having and unfortunately Matty happened to be there and took the beating because he sees him as the one who won’t do anything back to him. He obviously wasn’t going to yell at Praino and if Tug was late I know for sure he wouldn’t complain about it. All in all, I’m probably wrong and I’m only speculating also it could be because Ruther needs to get laid.

    Peace & Love to the Dirty Sports.

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    For clarification, Matty Goldberg was definitely an asshole for showing up a hour late when they were driving to Vegas.

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    @joesarcasm You are 100% wrong and clearly did not listen to the show. Now you see why I get mad. You completely left off the part of not having the proper mics/headphones for a 4th person. Also there’s tons of other things, but good try fam. “A” for effort.

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    Well technically not 100% wrong cause I said “I’m probably wrong”

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