A dissention to Praino's Lebron slurping

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    I just finished episode 309. Yet again, there was another 25 minute long slurping of Lebron James by Praino. Having listened to so many of these on-air slurpings by Praino over the years, I’ve decided to finally speak out against this egregious, ill-informed and reckless stance of his when it comes to Lebron.

    First things first – Lebron is a great player. There is no arguing that. The point of this dissertation is not to dispute the fact that Lebron is great. But he isn’t as great as his supporters, and his foremost slurper Joe Praino, may suggest. He isn’t the GOAT, and anyone who thinks he is just doesn’t understand that at the end of the day, the only stat that matters in basketball is NBA Finals wins.

    Everybody always wants to talk about Lebron’s numbers. “Look how great his stats are!” they say. “Look at how good his stats have been over such a long stretch of time!” they say. Ok, let’s talk about the numbers that actually matter. Wins and losses in the NBA Finals – the ultimate stat.

    Lebron’s record in NBA Finals games? 17-23. That’s right. He has a losing record in NBA Finals games. A winning percentage of merely 42%. That means if Lebron was going out to play an NBA Finals game tomorrow, and your life depended on the outcome of the game, you would only have a 42% of living. Who’s willing to take those odds? You would literally have a better chance of surviving a game of Russian Roulette.

    Lebron’s record in NBA Finals series? 3-4. That’s right. Once again, he has a losing record when it comes to the ultimate stat. A mere 42% again. This guy loses more than he wins, at the time when winning matters most.

    If you were a runner or a swimmer, and your times were AMAZING all the time in meaningless races and events that didn’t really matter, but when it came to Nationals and Olympics time, you were losing more than you were winning – no one would consider you the best runner in the world, let alone the best runner of all time.

    The reason Michael Phelps is widely considered the greatest swimmer (and maybe Olympian) of all time is because of the number of Olympic gold medals he has. It isn’t because he puts up such good times in prequalifying races and dominates everyone in races that don’t mean anything (a-la NBA regular season games). It’s because he wins more than he loses when it really counts.
    So how come when Lebron has amazing stats during the meaningless regular season and early-round playoff matchups against trash organizations like the Raptors and Pacers, but then when the Finals comes around he disappears more often than not, he gets a pass?

    We all know Jordan has a winning percentage of 100% when it comes to the ultimate stat – NBA Finals series wins.

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    I hate to defend Bron Bron or @joe-praino but you are incredibly wrong. And the only thing I’m going to argue because I don’t have the time is this…

    “He isn’t the GOAT, and anyone who thinks he is just doesn’t understand that at the end of the day, the only stat that matters in basketball is NBA Finals wins.”
    Rings matter but thats not the end all-be all stat, because that means Robert Horry who has 7 rings is better than Bron Bron or Jordan or Kobe? Nope nope nope.(Is Julian Edelman better than Larry Fitzgerald?) It’s the whole career you judge him on and even going to the finals with his first run with the Cavs was a sign of times to come of him putting teams on his back. I think he is soft and doesn’t have that killer mentality Kobe and Jordan have, but probably doesn’t need it at this point cause they are 8-0 in the playoffs and he’s half asleep for it. If they beat the Warriors I might slurp a bit myself. Then Aaron myself in a small room.

    P.S. You wrong from the start when you put this topic in “Everything Non-Sports” Basketball is a sport I think. Troll or Moron?

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    By this argument then Terry Bradshaw is a better QB than John Elway

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    Im just gonna go ahead assume Praino is gonna move the OP to the troll or moron thread.

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    Robert Horry > Allen Iverson

    Profile photo of Morgan Grimmett Morgan Grimmett 

    Julian Edelman > TO

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